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Mission Statement

At Gaia Retreat Center our primary focus is to provide a platform upon which those choosing to walk the path of personal transformation and evolution may find the inspiration and keys they require.

We create a sacred space for students & teachers from all over the world to feel at home, nurtured and supported, with an optimal environment for growth and transformation. We intend for all the students who join us to depart with a renewed connection to community and spirit.

As facilitators of this sacred space we can all be in service to the higher good by educating our world community. Our commitment is for Gaia Retreat Center to bring in leaders who are offering tools that assist people on their path of awakening.

The Purposes of The Gaia Retreat Center

  1. Be a foundation that supports the energetic statement that the more you give the more you receive. At GRC we focus on educating our community and supporting charity work throughout Bali. Each retreat facilitator that books a retreat at GRC is given the opportunity to link their retreat to the GRC Charity initiative Bali Angels "creating heaven on earth one angel at a time." A percentage of the profits from all retreats booked at GRC is donated to charitable initiatives in Bali. The teachers can work with Bali Angels and their students to link their retreat with a charitable Balinese cause of their choosing.
  2. Establish a health and wellness center that supports people in body, mind and spirit. We provide the best organic food and therapies available at a reasonable price, with the slogan "our profit is in your health & happiness." In addition to our current space, under construction is a new wellness area with floatation tank, colonic facilities, and additional therapy rooms. There will also be a Watsu Pool for use by retreat students as well as the Charity foundation Senang Hati - a group of disabled Indonesians.
  3. GRC makes use of the natural setting and the Gaia retreat approach to focus on providing sacred space in which teachers can do their work. By meeting the needs of and supporting the teacher in all aspects during their stay in Bali, the student will therefore be given the best energized space to learn and grow in, in the most efficient & effective manner.
  4. Each teacher will have use of the GRC marketing team to help them promote their retreat. When staying at the center the teacher will also receive our best accommodation at the center, along with a personal assistant and a car with driver.
  5. GRC is always looking for ways to grow & evolve. We wish to offer our best to everyone. We aim to keep raising our vibration and thus the vibration of the WHOLE.


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Leisa Wheeler   Amy Rachele   Quint Snel   Sheridan Hammond

Sayuri   Erika Faith   Ellaine Love   Chris Whitcoe

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