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Bali Angels Day with Senang Hati Charity

Bali Angels was launched in the Winter of 2010 when Ubud's Glenn Adams sponsored raw food guru David Wolfe, a best-selling author of nutritional books, to present several talks to the community in Bali.

Glenn Adams formed Bali Angels as a charitable wing of his Gaia Retreat Center with the high-minded idea of making Bali a model of what he calls "heaven on Earth." Bali Angels is about creating heaven on earth, one angel at a time. By tithing the wealth of The Gaia Retreat Center to generate revenue for charitable initiatives (yayasans), Bali Angels has been able to donate a playground to the Ubud community, support a self-directed community for people with disabilities, Senang Hati, as well as providing support for making of the movie " Bali is my Life,”. Recently Bali Angels started a campaign to rouse support of the Bali community to Vote for Ibu Robin of the Yayasan Bumi Sehat and the world community successfully elect her as CNN's Hero of the year. The main focus of Bali Angels in 2012 and beyond will be the development of new products made by and for charities.

Bali Angels and Senang Hati

Senang Hati is a Non-Government Organisation that works to build a foundation where society accepts, welcomes, and values the equal participation of people with physical challenges.

Vision: To bring people with physical challenges out of isolation and into society. To build self-worth and provide programs that support their physical and health needs, as well as to teach skills that will assist people with differing abilities to become productive and work towards independence and self-sufficiency, where possible.

Senang Hati

Senang Hati Restaurant